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S) Your site is not good enough! you should improve it! it's looks are really hurting the eye. I would be so greatful if you changed the colors.

A) This is an official site so it is suppose to look like this. I know it's a little too much for the eyes, but bear with us as their are many changes to come in the near future.

S) This site is not good and i heard the site from my friend u need 2
improve more to get the site look best.

A) Hhmmm, well what can I say, I didn't put the suggestion page up for nothing did I!, so suggest HOW I make my site look better!.

S) We want out class picture on the website!!!.

A) Well guys, We can do that, but for that we need a group photo of your class and the year in which your class started. So do send your photos to


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