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Until 1955 there was no public or private institution in Bahrain for educating the children of INDO-PAK origin in URDU and this therefore, was a challenge for the community. MR. ASHRAF S. MOHAMMAD, a prominent businessmen an of Bahrain came forward to take a lead in accepting this challenge, and with the co-operation of his educationist daughter MRS. SALEHA RAHEEM, who invited some interested members of the Muslim Community, colleted funds and formed a board of Trustees, hired premises and got it reasonably furnished to start a school. Then in March 1956, the first URDU SCHOOL FOR THE STUDENT OF INDO-PAK origin got established in the GULF.

Until 1984 the school was accommodated in two building in Manama, but since then there has been continuous programmers of expansion. The school is no housed in two premises, which are at some distance from each other, and having an approximate numbers of about over 2000 student. With the help of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, The MINISTRY OF LAND and Housing, Bahrain, allotted a piece of land approximately 250000 Sq.ft in Isa Town to construct our own building.

Founded in 1985 Pakistan undue school has arch history of excellence. The schools mission is to prepare students for career in the positively oriented culturally diverse environments. This school is dedicated to the encouragement and cooperation through education program combining the best of the professional studies and liberal arts core ,Pakistan Urdu school students are prepared for a career. New construction and expansion of science and computer facilities, the library and the grounds allows the students to expand their horizon. The school has up to date library collection, a book store, a computer lab, and a cafeteria. the laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art equipment possible.

The school owes its existence to MR. HAJJI ASGHAR ALI, MR. ABDUL RASOOL MALIK, MR. SAYEED AKBER ALI, and DR. MEHITAPWALA and to those in the business and commercial who provided the financial backing for its foundation.

Admissions are open to all the children in Bahrain subject to vacancies in the school on the first come served basis. Application forms for admissions into the school may be obtained from the Secretary at the Isa Town Branch- Bahrain. Admission forms duty filled and completed in all respects should be submitted to the school office. Entry into school admission may be granted at all times subject to the discretion of the Principal and the Board of Trustees.

The students are required to come to school in proper uniform. Uniform for girls and boys is as follows:-

Grey trousers or shorts and white shirt, black shoes, gray socks and blue sweater (in winter) for the children of class L.K.G. to class X. Blue trousers and white shirt, black shoes and black socks and black sweater (in winter) for the boys of College Level XI & XII.

Grey Pinafore and white blouses with white pajamas or white shalwar, white socks and black shoes and blue sweater (in winter) for the students of school level. White shirt and white shalwar, black sweater (in winter), black shoes and white socks for girls in College.


The school provides all books and stationery requirements. Any loss or damage to the equipment or the property of the school caused deliberately by the students will be charged to the parents of the student concerned.

The school is open from Saturday through Wednesday from 7.30 am to 1:30 pm.

Examination Reports of the children’s Progress are sent to their parents regularly and they are welcome to meet and discuss in detail their children’s progress with the teachers concerned. Parents are always encouraged to come to the school between 8.30 to 10.30 am; they are, however, requested to go the office direct and not to the classrooms without the prior permission of the Principal. A phone call in advance will ensure the availability of the member of the staff concerned. Taking tests in order to ensure that the children are making progress makes regular assessments. Special attention is given to the ones who are weak in their studies.

Board Examinations take place in accordance with the program of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, mid term and terminal examinations are held regularly to assess the student’s progress.

THE FEDERAL BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN, recognizes the PAKISTAN URDU SCHOOL & is managed by the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The school prepares the students for Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination in SCIENCE, ARTS AND COMMERCE as well. The medium of instruction is ENGLISH in classes from lower K.G. to class XII.

The academic sessions begins in April with a break of three months for summer vacation, that is, from 15 June to 15th September, and other holidays are according to Bahrain state Laws along with QUAID-E-AZAM’S BIRTHDAY AND IQBAL DAY. Classes normally do not comprise of more than thirty students so that as much attention as possible is given to the individual. COMPUTER classes have also been started and they are compulsory for all the students from sixth grade onwards. Apart from science classes at intermediate level, that is PRE-ENGINEERING AND PRE-MEDICAL, COMMERCE section has also been introduce. ISLAMIC TEACHING, THE QURA’AN READING, PRAYER, HADITH are given top priority.

The culture of a great university includes the beliefs, programs, and values that distinguish it from other institutions. An expression of the schools specific mission is created and transmitted through history, traditions, leadership, governance groups, and all members of the schools community. Culture is manifested through a sense of place ,pride of cultural transition, striving to maintain a balance between its timeless values of purpose and its responses to changing social demographics and worldwide need.

Academic Freedom & Intergrity are the basis for excellence at schools .Students, Faculty members have the right, protected tenure and other safeguards to express themselves freely as teachers, scholars, artists, and researchers. academic integrity require the unibiased pursuits of truth, wherever it sought, and the scruolous application of discipline examination of issue in teaching, research and service.

The concept of the inseparability of the tripartite activities of the teaching, research, and service is a critical unique feature of the responsibilities of all faculty in a land-grant university. each activity supports and enriches the other, and contributes to the highest quality of services and experiences provided to the many schools constituencies.

Sir Hameed (Head of Sports Department)

The recreational sports department offers a variety of recreation services to the students.

Following sports are offered in our respected institution.

1) Volley Ball

2) Basketball Court

3) Table Tennis

4) Chess and Checkers

5) Cricket

6) Football

And a variety of exercises classes are offered once a week. and the students are given one P.T period once a week.




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